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KOKKIA Y Audio-Splitter (3.5mm) with key-chain, for Headphones and Speakers

Price: $12.49
Item Number: Ysplitter
Manufacturer: KOKKIA
Manufacturer Part No: Ysplitter
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KOKKIA Y Audio-Splitter (3.5mm) 
with key-chain, for Headphones and Speakers

Technical Details

  • This Headphone Y Splitter offers you another way to expand your speakers and/or headphones.
  • A stereo 3.5mm male plug connector and two stereo female 3.5mm jacks on the other end, and a key-chain cap.
  • The Audio Y Splitter is specifically designed for quality audio applications.
  • This 3.5mm speaker and Headphones Audio Splitter allows you to connect two mini speakers or headphones to the same jack on your device such as smartphone, portable CD player, sound card, or any mini-stereo audio device with 3.5mm jacks.
  • Package included: 1 x 3.5mm Audio Splitter with key-chain cap.

Product Description

3.5mm Y Audio Splitter allow multi-user listening from the same jack. 

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