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KOKKIA iSplitter_plus_2S10 : iSplitter Tiny iAdapter Multi-Stream 3.5mm Universal Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter PLUS 2 S10 EDR Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Price: $119.99
Item Number: iSplitter_plus_2S10
Manufacturer: KOKKIA
Manufacturer Part No: iSplitter_plus_2S10
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KOKKIA iSplitter_plus_2S10 : 
iSplitter Tiny iAdapter Multi-Stream 3.5mm Universal Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter 
2 S10 EDR Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (Music and Voice). 
The ultimate stereo Bluetooth experience for you and your partner/family together - indoors and outdoors, leisure or sports.

Technical Details

  •  iSplitter, Tiny iAdapter Multi-Stream 3.5mm Universal Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter PLUS 2 S10 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (Music and Voice)
  • Wirelessly transmits Hi-Fi Stereo Music from Music Device concurrently to the 2 EDR stereo headsets
  • iSplitter, iAdapter Stereo Transmitter is compatible with any type and brand of device with 3.5mm port, such as TV, PC, CD/DVD, iPod/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/iPod Shuffle, Kindle, MP3, MP4, PSP, Nintendo, Gaming Devices, etc
  • iSplitter universal 3.5mm Transmitter can be used with 2 or 1 of the S10 stereo headset receivers
  • Long play time from integrated rechargeable battery, from USB port with included USB cable

Product Description

iSplitter PLUS 2 (TWO) S10 offers the unique innovation to wirelessly share your stereo music concurrently with 2 persons. Elegant solution with no unsightly wires, to split the music from your music device to 2 Bluetooth stereo headsets, wirelessly. 

Transmitter is the iSplitter, Tiny iAdapter Bluetooth Multi-Streaming Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter/Splitter in Luxurious Black finish, that works universally with any stereo music device with a 3.5mm audio output jack. 

The 2 Bluetooth Stereo Headsets are the latest fashion Bluetooth Stereo headsets in Luxurious Black, that works for both Music and Voice. 

Stereo headsets (Music and Voice) have integrated micro-phone and re-chargeable battery. Battery charging is via an included USB charger. 

Ideal for home, office, outdoors, parks, hiking, running, family enjoyment. 
Your friends and colleagues will be envious with this multi-stream solution. 

Included in price: 
1 (One) iSplitter, iAdapter Multi-Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter 
2 (Two) EDR Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (Music and Voice), with USB charging cable and User guide. 

Not included in price: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Music Device 
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