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KOKKIA iAmplifier + Splitter (Luxurious Black): The Ultimate Tiny Portable Headphone Amplifier + Splitter, with Remote Control & Microphone pass-thru

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KOKKIA iAmplifier + Splitter (Luxurious Black):
The Ultimate Tiny Portable Headphone Amplifier + Splitter,
with Remote Control and Microphone pass-through,
for iPhones/iPads/iPods, Android/Windows/Samsung SmartPhones/Tablets, All Music Devices, etc

Product Features

  • Extremely tiny size and light-weight at 10mm X 15mm X 45mm and 0.3 oz (0.39" X 0.59" X 1.77" and 8.5g) with high performance and unique features. No other portable headphone amplifier device comes even close to this size or weight or features.

  • For high impedance and low sensitivity headphones. iAmplifier provides additional pass-through remote control and microphone functions by using 4-pole audio jacks/sockets, unlike most other designs that use only 3-pole audio jacks/sockets.

  • Designed to include Splitter function, to drive 2 headphones at the same time, with similar high performance for the 2 headphones.

  • Remote control and microphone pass-through allows either or both headphones with remote control to control music/audio device and/or talk to music/device.

  • Firm attachment (no unwieldy dangling cord), tiny size, elegant design, features and performance makes iAmplifier an awesome mate to your music device.

Product Description

KOKKIA iAmplifier + Splitter
: The Ultimate Portable Headphone Amplifier. 

In addition to being the Tiniest and Lightest, iAmplifier is loaded with great features for many hours of high-quality audio enjoyment for yourself and your friend/partner:

Elegant Luxurious Black Design: iAmplifier's elegant finish and unobtrusive size, makes iAmplifier an awesome mate to your music Device, to provide capability to your music Device to drive your headphones with clear and high quality music, and/or to provide more run-time to your music Device.

Splitter Feature with 4-pole Audio Jacks/Sockets: 2 (Two) 4-pole (Left+Right Audio, GND and Mic) female audio socket allows 2 (Two) headphones with remote control and microphone to be attached, and used with iAmplifier and your Audio device, concurrently. Most other portable headphone amplifiers are only 3-pole audio jacks/sockets.

Remote Control and Microphone Pass-Through: The remote control and microphone signals/audio from your headphones' remote controls and microphones are passed through iAmplifier to your Audio device, allowing you to control your Audio device with your headphone remote and/or for your voice to be passed through iAmplifier to your Audio device.

Long-Play Time with Compact High-Capacity Built-In Rechargeable Battery: ~15 hours (one headphone), ~9 hours (2 headphones).

Superior Audio Performance:
Headphone Impedance Range: 16 to 1500 ohms.
Output: 200mW (16 ohms); 150mW (32 ohms); 32mW (150 ohms)
SNR: >= 96dB (A weighted)
Gain: >= 10dB
Distortion: < 0.005% (10mW)
Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 100 kHz

Included: iAmplifier, USB charging cable, user guide
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