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KOKKIA i10_plus_2M10s: Multi-Stream Tiny i10 Bluetooth Transmitter for iPod/iPhone/iPad + 2 Pocket M10 EDR Bluetooth Stereo Speakers (Music and Voice)

Price: $114.99
Item Number: i10_plus_2M10s
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Product Features

  • Multi-Stream Tiny i10 (Black) iPod Bluetooth Transmitter/Splitter PLUS 2 Pocket M10 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth Stereo Speakers (Music and Voice)
  • Wirelessly transmits Hi-Fi Stereo Music from iPod/iPhone/iPad concurrently to the 2 EDR Stereo Speakers
  • Remotely control iPod/iPhone/iPad (play/pause/next/previous) from any of the 2 EDR Stereo Speakers
  • iPod Transmitter can be used with 2 or 1 of the stereo speakers
  • Local volume control of iPod/iPhone/iPad will change the volume at the speakers

Product Description

i10_plus_2M10s offers the unique innovation to wirelessly share your iPod/iPhone/iPad music concurrently with 2 persons/locations. There are no similar solutions available in the market today.

Elegant solution with no unsightly wires. From the stereo speakers, any one of the 2 speakers can remotely control the iPod/iPhone/iPad: pause/play/next track/previous track.

Transmitter is an elegant Tiny device, the smallest Bluetooth transmitter/splitter for iPod/iPhone/iPad in the market.

The 2 M10 Pocket Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are the latest innovation in Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, with great audio and long play time, that works for both Music and Voice. M10 Stereo Speakers (Music and Voice) have integrated micro-phone and re-chargeable battery. Battery charging is via an USB charger. Ideal for home, office, travelling. Your friends and colleagues will be envious with this multi-stream solution. Works with iPods, iPhones, iPads with 30-pin connector

Included in price:
  1 (One) i10 Tiny Bluetooth iPod/iPhone/iPad Multi-Stream Transmitter
  2 (Two) M10 EDR Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (Music and Voice), with USB charging cable and User guide.

Not included in price: iPhone, iPad, iPod

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