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KOKKIA i10L_plus_2HelmetEarphones : i10L Bluetooth Splitter Transmitter for Lightning Connector iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch + 2 Helmet Bluetooth Earphones

Price: $114.99
Item Number: i10L_plus_2HelmetEarphones
Manufacturer: KOKKIA
Manufacturer Part No: i10L_plus_2HelmetEarphones
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KOKKIA i10L_plus_2HelmetEarphones :

DIGITAL i10L Bluetooth Splitter Transmitter for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Lightning Connector


2 Helmet Bluetooth Stereo Earphones


Product Features

  • i10L DIGITAL multi-streaming Bluetooth stereo transmitter splitter,  transmits to 2 (Two) Bluetooth Stereo Headsets / Receivers / Speakers. Made for iPod iPhone iPad, for iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch with Lightning Connector. (NOTE: NOT for use with iPod nano 7).

  • i10L wirelessly transmits DIGITAL Stereo Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch concurrently to the 2 Bluetooth Helmet Earphones.

  • Bluetooth Helmet Earphones for helmet users, eg motor bikers, skiers, snowboarders, etc.

  • Local volume control of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch will change the volume at the earphones.

  • Plug and Play : Put 1st Helmet Earphone in pairing mode, plug i10L into iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, i10L auto pairs, connects and streams to 1st Helmet Earphone. Put 2nd Helmet Earphone in pairing mode, press button on i10L to pair, connect and stream to both Helmet Earphones.


Product Description

i10L_plus_2HelmetEarphones offers the unique innovation to wirelessly share your Lightning Connector iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch music concurrently with 2 persons.

Elegant solution with no unsightly wires, for 2 Helmet users to enjoy music from same iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with Lightning Connector.

i10L Splitter Transmitter is an elegant Tiny device, the smallest Bluetooth Splitter Transmitter for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with Lightning connector in the market. i10L Works with iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch with Lightning Connector. (NOTE: NOT for use with iPod nano 7).

The 2 Bluetooth Helmet Earphones deliver dynamic, high quality stereo sound and voice for Helmet users. Sensitive microphone that delivers clear voice. Rechargeable battery delivering long play and talk-time. Up to 33ft working distance (unobstructed distance between transmitter & headset).

Ideal for motor-bike/ski/snowboard/sky-diving/extreme-sports/etc Helmet users. Provides quality sound and music, while you bike and/or enjoy your sporting activity.

Included in price:

- 1 (One) i10L Bluetooth iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Splitter Transmitter
- 2 (Two) sets Bluetooth Helmet Stereo Earphones (Music and Voice), with USB charging cable and User guide.


Not included in price : iPhone, iPad, iPod

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