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KOKKIA i10s_plus_i10sTwin: i10s Luxurious Black Tiny Bluetooth iPod Transmitter + i10sTwin Tiny EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Price: $79.99
Item Number: i10s_plus_i10sTwin
Manufacturer: KOKKIA
Manufacturer Part No: i10s_plus_i10sTwin
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Technical Details

  • Stream your iPod Music from Tiny i10s to Tiny i10sTwin EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth Stereo Headset.
  • Made-for-iPod, Made-foriPhone, Made-for-iPad Bluetooth Transmitter. Plug and play, easy to pair, remembers previously paired devices and re-connects easily. Tiny size, smaller than other Bluetooth Transmitters for iPods, iPhones, iPads.
  • Elegant streamline design with Luxurious Black color, shine and finish for i10s and i10sTwin.
  • High quality codec for clear audio, low power.
  • Bluetooth + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for both i10s Bluetooth iPod Transmitter and i10sTwin Bluetooth Stereo Headset. 

Product Description

i10s Bluetooth iPod Transmitter: 
i10s responds to Receiver Remote AVRCP commands (Play, Pause, Next, Previous). Smallest size compared to other products made by other manufacturers in this category. Transmits stereo audio from iPods, iPhones, iPads wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth receivers. Includes Authentication IC chip, which allows for local iPod, iPhone, iPad volume adjustment - that is not possible with other Made-for-iPod only transmitters that do not include Authenticaion IC chip. Low power consumption, for many hours of wireless audio enjoyment with iPods, iPhones and iPads. No batteries needed, powered by iPod/iPhone/iPad. No cables needed, attach to iPod/iPhone/iPad via 30-pin connector. Simple to operate. Bluetooth + EDR, Class 2. Works with iPad2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone (1st gen), iPod touch (1st-4th gen), iPod nano (1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and latest 6th gen tiny iPod nano), iPod classic (80,120,160GB), iPod Video 

i10sTwin Tiny Stereo Headset: 
Tiny Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) Bluetooth Stereo Headsets (Ear-Buds) with integrated microphone. 
Wirelessly enjoy stereo music and voice calls. Remote controls for music: play/pause, next track and previous track. Phone controls include: answer/reject call, re-dialing last number. Music will automatically pause when answering voice call, and automatically resume after completion of voice call. 
Good quality audio, with easy volume controls on headset. Louder than other typical Bluetooth ear-bud designs. 
For your optimal preference/comfort, includes: 3 different sizes of ear-tips, options for Secure-Fit Ear Cushions (3 different sizes), Ear-Hooks. 
Flexible, small and round cable between ear-buds with less surface area for cable to stick to sweaty body (a common complain on reviews) - unlike flat-cable designs. Cable length adjustment piece, which can be dis-engaged if no adjustment needed.

Advantages of this i10sTwin vs others: 

1) Tiny size & ultra-light weight, ideal for all uses (home, work, gym, outdoors). You won't even feel you are wearing it.
a. Dimensions of headset outside ear: 30mm X 14mm X 8mm (1.18" X0.55" X 0.3")
b. Weight: 0.3 oz

2) Small, flexible, round and adjustable cable between left and right ear-pieces. Less surface area to stick to sweaty skin. Adjust the cable as you prefer.

3) No bulky around the neck, behind the head, over the headset pieces that gets in the way of your hair and/or shirts/dresses, or bounces around when you jog/run and/or work-out in the gym.

4) 15 different sizes/options to wear your i10sTwin for your optimal preference/comfort:
a. 3 different size ear-tips
b. 3 different size secure fit ear cushions
c. Ear hook option

5) Good quality music and voice, and loud.

6) Elegant NEW Luxurious Black color/finish, similar to the very popular Luxurious Black color/finish in KOKKIA i10s and i10 Tiny Bluetooth Product.

7) User guide in 7 languages (English, Español, Française, Deutsch, Japanese, Italiano, Chinese).

8) ULTIMATE TWIN to KOKKIA i10s and/or i10 Bluetooth iPod Transmitters.

Operating Distance: Up to 10m.

Up to 4 hours continuous music play time, 180 hours standby

Compatible with:
- KOKKIA Tiny i10s and i10 Bluetooth iPod Transmitter
- Bluetooth iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
- Bluetooth Phones (Android, Windows, etc)
- Devices that implement Bluetooth Stereo A2DP and/or Headset/Handsfree transmit functions
- Transmitters that implement Bluetooth Stereo A2DP transmit function

i10sTwin Includes:
- i10sTwin Stereo Headset
- Ear-tips (3 sizes)
- Secure ear-cushions (3 sizes)
- Ear hooks
- USB Charging cable
- User guide 
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